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Coil Coating Process


Coating Process

Our expertise in industrial coating processes is based on the countless uses of our coating products in industrial plants.

We support the customer with our specific coating systems, from development to upscaling and production to initial use on the coil coating system.

After possible adjustments to the systems, for example the viscosity or the drying parameters, and the successful testing of the finished coating, we give approval for series production together with the customer.
Coil Coating
Spray Coating

Coil Coating Process

Coil coating or continuous metal coil coating
called, is an endless process for one or both sides
Coating of, for example, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or
Zinc strips on coils.

The resulting final coated finished product is a
Composite material made of a metallic carrier material and a
or multiple coatings.

Coil coating processes are also used for coating or soaking
other materials used. For example on carrier materials
the furniture and textile industries. Leave in the coil coating process
the speeds as well as the drying parameters in the
Set the scope of the facilities.

InterLotus varnishes are checked in advance of their use
System parameters set by the customer