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Who we are

We are an innovative german Company in the North of the Ruhr area, in Oer-Erkenschwick. With our long-standing development team we maintain a constructive and trustful cooperation with our clients.

Internally as well as externally we place great value to commitment, clarity, reliability and creativity, especially for our clients, suppliers and cooperation partners.

Our business

Since 2005, we develop, formulate and produce individual coating systems with a unique selling proposition, tailored to the demands of our industrial customers.

We support our clients from the requirement profile, over the development, up to the application of the new product on the respective industrial plant on site.
By using our expertise in coating technology and nanochemistry, we create individual coating products with functional properties.

Our knowledge and experience within the sol-gel technology enables us to create new properties and functionalities within the coating systems by using special inorganic-organic binders (hybrid systems) and other active components.

We use modifiable Sol-Gel Systems which we adjust to the requirement profile of our clients. Our Coatings can be applied by different application techniques e.g.: Coil coating, dip coating, spraying polishing.

Our specialities

Our Coil-Coating systems are formulated individually, specific to each plant.

Company targets & Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy focuses on:
customer demands, the realisable Technology and for the right final product

The customer's added value and the sustainability of the products represent our motivation and our target.

1. thin layer
2. resource-saving
3. precise & efficient
4. sustainable & environmentally friendly
5. demand & target focused

Instead of always going
thicker & bigger
& more

We go:

...just precise

...less is still more!